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Eden's Garden CSA Farm Wish List

Eden’s Garden’s Wish List

 There are always needs, but these are a few things on the top of our “wish” list; maybe you have a few of these things hanging around the yard or know someone who does?

Thank you for helping us acquire several of our needs!

 Used Diesel Tractor with Front End Loader – A huge help on a small, hands-on run farm – like having many extra hands with shovels and wheelbarrows on hand whenever you need them! (Our small used garden tractor came with a brush hog, also very helpful, but not a loader, which we were told would cost the same amount to add on to it as our tractor/brush hog did)  Approximate Cost $4,000-$6,000+

 Manure Spreader for John Deere 650 Tractor – To keep the ground fertile, we add horse, chicken and sheep manure to it. But having a manure spreader, it cuts the time and labor way down to spread it – a shovel and a wheel barrel versus a 3’x9’ box with a system that tosses the manure off the back automatically as I drive the tractor down the row. Approximate Cost - $500-$1000 used depending on condition

 Upgraded DC Powered Water Pump – In order to reach our goals of being “off the grid” and expanding our growing capacity, we need a heavier duty, continuous run pump that will operate off of our solar/wind system.  The best use well pump or converted “dirty-water” a/c to d/c pump is being researched by our volunteer engineer.  Approximate Cost - $500

 Dock – Floating Boat dock in pond in order to utilize area of pond with cleaner water – keep pump and filters cleaner/longer lasting. Approximate Cost $300

 Semi-Loads of Compost Delivered (33 cy) & Front End Loader Rental for a day – Compost is the life of the gardens, but it takes months and months for it to be ready. We love to use recycled tree trimmings, keeping them out of the dumps, and our own livestock’s “waste”, customers’ leaves, clean grass clippings and whatever else we can compost down.  But to boost production NOW, a few loads of finished compost and the means to spread it would be awesome for this and next season’s gardens while ours “cooks”.  Approximate Cost - $1,400 ea

 Dry Wall Work – We had a leaky roof – and now we need to fix the ceiling in our bathroom, office and interns’ quarters. Some roof leaking still happening during heavy downpours, too. Approximate Cost - TBD

 Commercial Kitchen Upgrade – One of our main goals is to educate our community.  Teaching people how to prepare, “can”, store foods safely and in a healthful way is on top of our priority list.  In order to do this, we need to upgrade our current kitchen to Dallas County standards and/or install a “honey house” which could also serve a dual purpose of processing the honey harvested in the area and educational kitchen.  Approximate Cost $2,000 - $5,000

 Walk-in Cooler for Produce Storage & Classroom Area – Potential tear down and re-build of existing structure.  Cost to acquire building materials would be minimal and is negotiable with owner of frame.  Cost to build out inside has yet to be looked into.  Approximate Cost $2500 ($1,000 pledged to date!)

 YURT/TINY HOUSE – Simple living structures for interns and future agritourism use. Approximate Cost $5000-9000 each

 Used (or new) Portable DVD / Power point player/projector  – To bring our educational information to local venues & host more free screenings of educational documentaries here at the farm increasing awareness of local food and for farmer training programs. The prices are all over the board, we don’t need one that dances for us – just shows, good, clear DVD’s and power point presentations. Approximate Cost $400 +

 Replacement Screen – Our outdoor movie screen took a beating this winter. We need to re-cover it with a new canvas. Asel Art Supply on Cedar Springs has a folded, unprimed, cotton canvas that runs about $600 if it’s not on sale for half off. Approximate Cost $300-$600

 Replacement Seat & Drawbar for Tractor - Just things that wear out but are mighty necessary. Approximate Cost $125

 New Fencing/Gate for Front of Garden Area – Ornamental wrought iron gate with signage. Approximate Cost $200

 Work/Storage Shed for Community Garden Area – Small, frame shed to hold gardeners tools, hoses, etc. Reusing some of original shed’s materials for historical factors.  Approximate Cost $500

 Picnic Area Facelift – 3 picnic tables (home made), shaded awning/shelter, trash cans, signage.  Approximate Cost $250 - $400

 Tools - Shovels, hard rakes, stirrup hoes, wheel barrels, hoses; On volunteer days it’s great to have extra tools to keep all hands on deck.

 Golf Cart – Electric/Solar golf cart to shuttle visitors as well as farmers with loads of harvest back and forth from gardens to prep area/shop.

 Edible Forest Trees – Each fall into early spring, we want to add trees and shrubs that produce edibles. Adapted to our area, fruit and nut trees, fruiting vines, (think berries), asparagus plants, and other perennials that produce edibles help us create a sustainable farm for the future. Approximate Cost $20-$30 ea. (So far, we have received over 23 assorted peach, fig, apple, pear, plum, and apricot trees as well as asparagus and raspberry plants. Coming soon - olive trees, blueberry starts and pomegranates)

 Repairs/Weatherization to Main House – leveling, electrical, plumbing, weatherizing of main house.  Approximate Cost $14,000

 Repairs/Weatherization to Interns Quarters/Farm Store Shop – Roofing, gutters (to catch rainwater), leveling, plumbing, minor electrical, weatherizing. Approximate Cost TBD

 Enclose Stalls for Use as Market Vendor Spaces in Main Historical Barn – Drop ceiling (tin), fix doors/hinges and level out flooring with new sand and/or gravel. To be rented out for market day vendors. Approximate Cost TBD

Solar Panels - Refurbished or new, to add to our yurt for powering lights, security cameras, projector for showing educational films for classes and special events.

Security cameras - Solar powered preferred for ability to mount up in tree tops, out of reach. 5 camera set was stolen (unpowered at time of theft) Approximate cost $500



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