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15 mins southeast of downtown Dallas @ 4710 Pioneer Rd., Balch Springs, TX 75180 (1 block north I20 @ Seagoville Rd.) 

SHOP / MARKET  Open 1st & 3rd Saturdays only  April - December


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Eden's Garden CSA Farm

Join NOW!

 We are currently accepting applications for the 2013-14 farm year. Our winter season installment is now due with weekly distributions to begin in March and run into late spring. We are not a week to week co op delivery business, but a traditional Community Supported Agriculture program.

100% of your membership dollars go directly to support this local, urban farm.

To receive a detailed email about our CSA program, a link to the application and pay pal payment option, sign up here.

Join Now


Simply put, CSA is a unique relationship between a local farmer and local consumers for the benefit of both parties and the community.

Farmers form a relationship with you, the community, instead of a banker and you form a relationship with a local farmer, instead of the produce department at your supermarket or a middleman distributor.  This win-win relationship assures the farmer a built-in market for their crops, helps stabilize their budget and provides you peace of mind regarding your food source and how it was grown. The presence of an in-town farm also has many other benefits.


Eden's Garden CSA asks members to pledge an annual commitment towards the farm's budget and members receive a distributed share of the farm's harvest each week during growing seasons, and pick your own access to the farm year round, as weather permits.  Shares are picked up weekly from the farm or our drop site in Lakewood at  

click logo for website/address

The CSA model has evolved since it's introduction to the US, and here is an important article from one of the "founders" of the CSA movement in the US. While we respect and understand there are many models, ours remains pretty traditional, following some of the original CSA programs from the east. We do not require our regular paying members to work, but encourage frequent visits to the farm.


To spread the annual commitment out over the course of the year, members pay a portion in advance of each upcoming season, breaking up the payment into three $400 installments, (August, December & April) or advance monthly payments of $100. 

*(Full season must be pre-paid prior to distribution. Sorry, we are not set up to accept weekly payments at this time, but the annual commitment translates about $25/week.)

In an effort to make our food available to anyone seeking it, sliding scale fees/work shares are available on a limited basis each season. Please click here for information on availability and requirements.

Starting Soon;

Accepted for our new special SNAP Program Weekly CSA Package! Limited Memberships will Be Available Each Year. Inquire Within for Details



Each season we strive to grow a variety of nutritious, heirloom, open pollinated (and always non-GMO), veggies, fruits and herbs, as well as unique varieties of some things you may not find in your local supermarket. We try to provide at least 4-5 different veggies or fruits plus fresh herbs each week of distribution. Some weeks will be more bountiful, others will be less abundant, depending on the time of the year and weather. Everything will be harvested and distributed fresh each week and you can expect it to last much longer than what you're used to from the supermarket.

 (Please see our list of FAQ's for more detailed information and policies for our CSA program.)


In North Texas, we grow both warm and cool seasons of veggies, growing virtually year round if the weather cooperates. We grow fresh produce and culinary herbs seasonally, without using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Working with nature using sustainable, natural methods. We call it "Real Food Grown with Integrity". (Because the USDA wants us to pay them to let us call it "organic".)


"We must consider it a scientific fact that you are what you eat. The same molecules that make up the food we consume become the molecules of our minds and bodies. So, unless you are your own farmer, you should choose one as carefully as you would chose your doctor or your pastor. Therefore, it is fitting that farmers, like doctors, lawyers, professors, and pastors, should command a high level of respect and income, commensurate with this level of responsibility. I consider it an honor and a privilege that you have chosen me to be your farmer." Tom Willey of T&D Willey Farms 


What some of our CSA members are saying.... 

"There's nothing like knowing the person who grows your food, why they are doing it, and what they want you to gain from it...."  

"I'm very grateful to have access to delicious local vegetables!
Thanks so much for all your hard work."


"I must admit, my taste buds never got too juiced up at the thought of tomatoes. When we picked up our share on Saturday, I couldn't believe the variety of colors, sizes, and flavors! They looked too pretty to eat! (almost)" 

"...three years ago, at age 6 he declared war on veggies other than carrots, broccoli or artichokes. That was until last week's visit to Marie's farm! My son ate it all and and declared: "vegetables taste great when you know who grows them and when you help cleaning them." 


Watch for an upcoming orientation about Eden's CSA and a farm tour. Kids are welcome, but please do not bring your dog. No Smoking Please.


"CSA is not just a clever, new approach to marketing. Community farming is about the necessary renewal of agriculture through its healthy linkage with the human community that depends upon farming for survival."  - Steven McFadden



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