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Believe it or not, farmers are already thinking way ahead of tomatoes, zucchini and watermelons. When we're not mowing, weeding or harvesting, we’re already focusing some of our time on fall and winter planting schedules. That means we’re also going through our seeds, seed catalogs and taking inventory of the various soil amendments and seed starting supplies we’ll need to get those things going - like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, garlic, onions, etc.

These are just some of the expenses that CSA memberships help pay for, along with the normal monthly bills otherwise known as “overhead” like electric, water, fuel, and let’s not forget insurance and the mortgage.

It is at this time here at Eden’s when many of our CSA memberships come up for renewal, or, sign ups for the “new season” begin. We do have some openings in our CSA membership program going forward, and I'd love for you to join us, help support the farm and enjoy a full year of access to the farm.

The CSA is the core here at Eden’s that keeps the farm afloat. Keeping this farm funded keeps it as an open and active resource for this community in Southeast Dallas County where its citizens have extreme slim pickings if it were not for this farm when it comes to local food grown without synthetic fertilizers, poisons and herbicides; a farmer’s market and access to the kind of informational and educational programs and classes offered here, often free of charge.

Our next on-farm orientation will be Saturday, July 11th, at 9am.

Eden's is located on the very edge of a USDA designated food desert – not something I’m proud exists, but a need I’m working hard to help fill. And I can't do it alone. Since 2007 when I first opened up a farmer's market on the front yard of the garden shop, I realized it was going to take a lot of people to make a food hub here successful. I started farming in 2008 with the support and encouragement of about 40 families, without whom I could not have gotten started.

To keep the farm going, through all seasons, good ones, droughts and as recent as May, monsoons, a certain level of CSA membership income is needed. One person can only be in so many places at a time to create income. Together though, with several members pledging a little bit each quarter, we have made it happen, and kept it going, expanding our market to 5th Saturdays, beginning a yoga class, starting an egg csa program, a pick your own herb garden and the start of a community garden out front.

One of our youngest, "life-long" members enjoys a carrot on the way home from the farm

Our CSA members enjoy a share of a wide variety of native and fresh herbs, fruits and veggies raised here on the farm, just about every week of the year. We don’t count out the number of weeks or weigh out each share. We have an open community sharing program where people take what they need for the week, and leave the rest for someone else who may need more. This method has worked well for us now, for over a year.  

Our members also have access to local, non-certified organic sources of;

  • pastured eggs, (supplemented with an organic/non-gmo feed)
  • pasture raised, grass fed meats (chicken and beef), (chickens’ diet is supplemented with an organic/non-gmo feed)
  • a direct source of wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon,
  • raw, organic graded dairy products via a private co-op,
  • organic gardening products and free gardening direction via the owner/farmer,
  • organic plant starts and heirloom seeds raised or collected on the farm,
  • high quality preservative free pet foods,
  • year round access to a local, scenic, urban farm that is just minutes from their homes for their family’s enjoyment – including reduced rates on our yurt space rental, yoga, field trips and farm tours, classes and other offerings.

 Think of it as a country club membership to a farm.

A very reasonably priced, scenic country club membership.


Your CSA membership here is what helps Eden’s fulfill its mission of making high quality, nutrient dense, clean food available at prices everyone can afford, and for those who live in this community, accessible. Including seniors, disadvantaged families and those without transportation.

Participants in the USDA SNAP program (Lone Star Card) are able to use their "food stamps" both at our market and when they pick up a weekly share, giving them the same access to CSA member benefits as everyone else. Sliding scale "work-shares" are also offered as the budget allows. The more full paying members, the more flexibility I have to help those who might need it.

 I strongly feel that healthy, nutritious food should not be only available in wealthier, better connected communities, but to anyone who seeks it. Residents in this area would have to drive at least 15 miles or spend over an hour + on public transportation to gain access to organic fruits and veggies, if not for Eden's Market Days, held here on the farm.

Please consider checking out our CSA program and becoming a member for a year. Orientations are scheduled throughout the year.

Our next on-farm orientation will be Saturday, July 11th, at 9am.

 Some Nuts and Bolts

Annual membership payments are broken down quarterly, with monthly payment options available after the initial payment.

We will have three locations for pick ups starting this fall.

Baby's first food: a ripe organic peach from Eden's!

"Thanks for building this community where our kids can grow up eating clean, delicious, real food, Marie!"

Your best bet is to come here to the farm, so you can choose your own share and pick your own herbs – as well as see the farm, let the kids run around and feed chickens, go fishing, and ask any questions you may have. It's one of my favorite times of the week because I get to connect with you guys, see the expressions on the faces of the kiddos (and the farmer) as little ones take their first bites of real food, hear all of the wonderful things you guys made with the food the week before, and get lots of hugs and encouragement - something that really fuels this farmer, even when a season has been rough. 

But for those who need a remote drop site, we have two available.

            The Green Spot – in Lakewood at the corner of Buckner and Northcliff on Saturday mornings about 11am

And new this fall,

            The Dallas Farmer’s Market – Downtown – exact time TBD as this is a new location for us and we’re still looking for a work-share hostess to serve. (inquire within!)

For more details on CSA, this farm, how you can get involved and help support its endeavors, whilst enjoying the fruits of our labors, please check the CSA page here on the website. Or, click here and sign up to receive our email – check “CSA Info” for an auto-responder detailing everything you need to join.

Or, if you've read enough and you want to join today, click here for the application. Fill out page 1, snail mail or email it back to me with a check or pay pal payment for the first installment.

Thanks! I hope to see you at our next orientation on July 11th at 9am.

And in the meantime – come see us at Market Day each 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday – right here down on the farm – just up the street.

 Eat your food, Naturally!

Farmer Marie

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