What's at the Store?

At Eden's Organic Garden Center, we've trimmed out a lot of the fluff, and focused on the nuts and bolts that make your garden grow. 

Veggie growers looking for certified organic seed potatoes or locally grown onion slips? CLICK HERE!!

We have liquid seaweed, fish & seaweed spray, compost tea, Garrett Juice, horticultural corn meal, liquid and dry molasses - just whatever the "dirt doctor" ordered. We get an order from our supplier about every 2 weeks with our Muenster horse, dog and cat feed so we can have your special order at the shop before you know it.  Farm or large lot size orders available, too!  Give us a call. 

Organic Soil Amendments Featuring....

  • We carry a selection of the locally made, original brand name organic gardening products, including Maestro Gro liquid and dry favorites, including Rose Glo and Garlic Pepper Tea, Rabbit Hill Farm's line of dry soil amendments, Garden-ville, Erath Earth, and others!   

Whatever the "dirt doctor" ordered, we've got it!  And, we would be happy to explain to you how to use it so you get the results you need!

Help For The Lawn......

  • Great organic fertilizers like Texas Tee, Bradfields
  • Corn Gluten Meal - For weed prevention
  • Corn Meal - For brown patch and other fungi 

Safe, Effective Pest Control

There are lots of ways to control pests without "nuking" the neighborhood, or the house. 











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