Marie founded and Managed the First and Only All *Clean Farmers Market in Dallas County in 2007.

We invited folks to try eating seasonally for a year, supporting local farms, and we had a blast for over 10 years!

Marie is partially retired now, focusing on her CSA members.  Eden's does not host a market any more.

Farm tours are still available by appointment. Please see our Events page for details.

*Some farmers were certified organic, some were not - but all of our farmers and ranchers were using all natural and
organic approved & sustainable methods, fertilizers, herbicides & pesticides.

It was an old fashioned Farmer's Market - with All Real Farmers and Ranchers
Selling their Products - held right on a Working, Urban Farm!

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Our CSA picks up shares each week, generally, and if there is surplus, we'll put some out for sale, April thru the 1st Saturday in December.

We do not, however, expect other farmers' goods at this time. 

Thank you for your interest. We suggest you join a CSA to experience Real Food, Grown with Integrity.



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