Onion Slips for Sale!

Short Day Onions -  $2.00 / bunch  (average 60 plants per bunch - 1 plant = 1 onion)

Our planting area calls for short day variety onion slips, although you can also plant intermediate varieties to a degree of success, too.

Here are the varieties we'll be carrying;


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Be sure to insert the dollar amount after the / and provide your full name, phone number and varieties/quantities in the comments section on pay pal.  To use your SNAP card, (YES you can use SNAP to pay for veggie starts and seeds!) please call me for information.


1015 - Texas Supersweet - Very popular - 1015Y

Days to Harvest Color/Shape Flavor Size Storage
115 Yellow, Globe Super Sweet 6"  Aprx 3 months

Southern Belle Red -Improved hybrid

Days to Harvest Color/Shape Flavor Size Storage
110 Red, Globe  Sweet 4"  Aprx 2 months

Texas Early White - Award winner!

Days to Harvest Color/Shape Flavor Size Storage
110 White, Globe  Sweet 5.5" - 6" Aprx 3 months


Seed Potatoes

Due to Excessive shipping costs, this year I will NOT be taking orders for potoates. Hopefully, next year.

Keep in mind when you purchase potatoes to plant, for best results, they should be;

*Certified seed potatoes which means CERTIFIED DISEASE FREE
and *Certified Organic - NO GMO potatoes! Not Treated with Sprout-inhibitor!

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(yes, we REALLY have to put this on here.)