(also known as The 4 D's)




 It's up to everyone to do their part to help reduce mosquito populations. They are a part of our environment, so they'll never go away completely, but we don't need to encourage them to breed in our back yards, empty lots, trash receptacles or anywhere else we can control standing water. Most natural bodies of water contain fish and other predators that eat the larvae and if the water is moving quickly, adults can't lay eggs and larvae can't attach to the water's surface to hatch.

Please spread the word about using the Dunks containing BTi - a safe and effective, inexpensive bacterial method that has been used on farms and ranches for decades to control larvae in the big stock tanks. They are available just about anywhere garden supplies are sold. ASK for them if you don't see them. Buy 2 packages and bring one to a neighbor.

Thank you - we'll all breathe a LOT better if we can avoid the toxic pesticide truck spraying this summer.


Professionals, including Texas Honeybee Guild co-founder Brandon Pollard and The Dirt Doctor, Howard Garret,

speak out against crop dusting our citizens, our property and our environment at Dallas City Hall.

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Marie's stance against spraying pesticides for controlling adult mosquitoes at the Dallas City Hall

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    Beneficial Nematode Weather is coming!!!! The soil is nice and moist, but maybe a bit cool.  When rain is expected or at least the clouds are, that is an ideal time to treat your yard for fleas, fire ants or even grubs.  See beneficials for more info! 

 A swallowtail butterfly hatched here at the shop!

Survival of the Fittest?

Let's face it, pests were here long before we moved in.  And likely, they will be here long after we move out.  So, at best, we can expect to learn to live among our somewhat smaller neighbors in an amicable way.  Now, there are many times when this is not desirable, safe or acceptable.  (What was the purpose of creating fire ants anyway?) 

We do have alternatives to nuking the entire house, yard or neighborhood, though.  Because in the end, whatever you apply to your yard, eventually ends up in the runoff from your sprinklers or the rain.  Your runoff eventually ends up in the creek your dog drinks out of and the kids play in, the river where the wildlife live or even the storm sewers which eventually, become our drinking water.  And if you use toxic synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, there is no telling what kind of damage it can do.

You'll find lots more information and a good source of natural insect controls at Eden's Organic Garden Center.   

And remember, a healthy plant is much less likely to be bothered by pests!  So check out our

Happy and Healthy plants page for tips on how to keep your plants in tip top shape!